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Welcome to my website and blog. Although I’m not a daily blogger I have a lot of interests beside my writing. For example, I’m very interested in getting governments at all levels to declare a climate emergency.

The past three months have been an expected wake up call for what is happening with our climate. Personally affected by the bushfires, with acquaintances who have lost everything, and despite the fact that I’ve been trying to fight for the environment since the early 1990’s, we find we have to fight to get anything done.

While this is very important on a national and global scale, for me personally it is getting back to normal so I can focus on my writing again. As such, with the insurance companies having come to the party, thank goodness, I have edited my manuscript and am looking for an agent. I understand that this is going to be difficult but, like all writers, I live in hope and learn from rejection.

I hope that you will come and join me here, make comments and just hang out.

Update: April 2020. I wrote this prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Normal is still not happening and won’t for a while. It seems the enviroment, our world, is having a say about the way we are treating it – we need to listen. There are many possibilities coming from the state of this world at the moment – both in health, politically and environmentally. Let’s all hope we, individuals and governments, can learn the lesson.