Secret Society of Words Publications

The Secret Society of Words Publishing is a vanity press publishing house. SSOW novella’s are intended to showcase the work of the local South Coast of NSW writers new and upcoming authors.

Cat Sheely, Editor – SSOW

Novella’s are available at Smashwords: and

Beneath An Ominous Sky, Editor

Published May 2021: Survivors takes of their experiences in the 2019-2020 Black Summer Australian bushfires. Tales and poems of courage and fear, both dramatic and sometimes funny but all unedited and straight from the heart.

Petrea King, author of the bestselling “Your Life Matters” provided a moving forward.

Contributing Authors: Bonnie Atteridge, Paula Boer, Rhonda Casey, Louise Falcioni, Rosemary Frances, Sharon Halliday, Gary Keady, Linda Kennington, Arlene Liang, Jennie Marie, Suzanne Newnham, Rosie Toth, Judy Turner, Laura Tyler and Anke Ziergeibel.

Viv’s Last Hoorah, Editor/Author

Published November 2019: In every country town there is a story. An exotic shop owner inviting friends to her party. A new hairdresser in town, a sculptor, a property owner and a backpacker. What do they all have in common? What emotions come into play? Romance and adventure in Cocknell Creek.

Contributing Authors: Louise Falcioni, Sharon Halliday, Arlene Liang, Bridget Mullaney, Suzanne Newnham, Cat Sheely, Laura Tyler, and Anke Ziergiebel.

Murder On the First, Editor/Author

Published October 2017: Tranquility Golf Club is disrupted on a beautiful Sunday morning by the discovery of a body in a sand trap. The victim is the groom from last night’s wedding reception. DS Hissteria Mitchell learns the man wasn’t very likeable. And the bride is missing. Is she murderer or a victim? Six authors tell one story, each in their own way, making an intriguing, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, whole.

Contributing Authors: Anke Ziergiebel, Louise Falcioni, Arlene Liang, Suzanne Newnham, Stafford Ray and Cat Sheely.

Alien Zoo, Editor/Author

Published October 2015: Most of the magical shape-shifting creatures had been kidnapped by aliens over many centuries until they were extinct on Earth. They are kept in a zoo on an alien planet as a tourist attraction. Now a broken down spaceship arrives to brighten up the zoo for visitors. The shape-shifters must decide who will get one of the limited seats on the secretly repaired ship.

Contributing Authors: Debbbie Richardson, Cat Sheely, Louise Falcioni, Suzanne Newnham, Arlene Liang, Marisol Dunham, Anke Ziergiebel (Dutche), Cassandra Webb and Michaela Paul.

Seven Little Goatlings, Editor/Author

Published October 2014: A cautionary retelling of the classic fairy tale that outlines the tension between survival and the manipulation of a determined predator. Mama Goat must work for a living and leave her goatlings at home alone. Mr Wolf is a predator willing to do anything to feed his stomach. Who will win? Told by seven authors, this story is a whole, bound with laughter and tears.

Contributing Authors: Suzanne Newnham, Arlene Liang, Louise Falcioni, Stafford Ray, Anke Ziergiebel and Cat Sheely.

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