Hello and Welcome

I’m Cat Sheely, Writer and Editor and Manager for

Secret Society of Words Publications

About Cat Sheely and the SSOW

My paradise is the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia where I live with my husband. A graduate of several universities including Canberra, New England and Monash, and following multiple and varied careers from Navy Medic to Construction and then IT Project Director, I have settled down to being a writer, editor and part-time IT geek.

My published short stories include fantasy and science fiction although I am always inexplicably drawn into the sinister murk of disturbed minds.  When it all becomes too much, I take the kayak out to sea or swear through a game of golf to re-establish equilibrium.

Over the last few years my husband and I have also joined the ‘Grey Nomads’ and have travelled over 60,000 kms around our beautiful country.

I am a proud founding member, along with Louise Falcioni, of the Secret Society of Words. We have a group of delightfully creative minds and I have had the pleasure to edit and write for the novella’s we have published which showcase just that.

If you enjoy the blogs, free reading and visits to SSOW author sites, please feel free to comment or leave a positive message on the Blog page.