And So This is Christmas …

It is now two years since the devastating bush fires that ran through the East Coast of Australia causing so much damage and heartache. Two years ago we were suffering from the daily coverage of smoke of fires that would eventually come to lick our house and completely destroy others. It is a time for reflection on what has changed and what has stayed the same.

What has most obviously changed is that this Christmas it will be cool and wet. Early December and I am wearing a vest to keep warm. Qld and north western NSW are flooded and expecting more rain. Crops are drowned and again farmers are losing out on income. And still the leader of our country is turning a blind eye to climate change and working to keep coal and gas at the forefront of economic policy.

Not to mention Covid and it’s new variants. The old Chinese curse about ‘living in exciting times’ is coming home to roost. Vaccines are being rolled out but, like the flu vaccine, you can still get it but are a great deal less likely to die from it unless you have underlying issues.

And so it is Christmas, the shops are full of gifts and decorations, Christmas music is all around and what have we learned. Another year older and the ground swell of change is happening in the community, even in big business who can see their organisations suffering big losses if they don’t change. And yet we are the worst country for dealing with climate action in the western world. So sad.

Therefore, this Christmas I chose to focus on my family – enjoy their company and the company of friends. I will pick up the cudgel of trying to get climate and biodiversity action again in the New Year. But I’m tired of feeling sad and upset by politics and people thinking they are different and refusing to be vaccinated. Tired of people thinking about themselves only. I can love and provide support for my family – something positive and that will be my Christmas gift to myself and my family.

I hope this end of a strange year finds you well and that 2022 will be safe and happy for you.

Author: C.M. Sheely

C. M. Sheely began life in the cold climes of Europe, emigrated to sunny Australia at an early age, spent time in the Royal Australian Navy, worked all over Australia and South-East Asia as a construction project manager, travelled around the world and ended up as an IT geek in Canberra. She and husband Michael finally settled down in paradise on the South Coast of NSW and for Cat, semi-retirement. She still gets a buzz from PM-ing IT projects. Otherwise she spends time writing and working with the Eurobodalla Fellowship of Australian Writers Evening Group on writing, editing and e-publishing their collective efforts in the form of novellas. Cat’s had multiple short stories published as well as several professional articles.

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